Friday, February 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Subway Art

I am so excited I have finally learned how to do some subway art. What is most amazing for me is that I was able to make the decisions on what font, what color and where to place the words in one day. I know that might not seem like much of a feat, but for me I feel like I just ran my first half marathon.  I am so excited to share with you my version of St. Patrick Subway Art. I know the words I chose will not be for many, but I like to have some of the true meaning displayed during holidays.  I am hoping that some will see mine and wonder what the words have to do with St. Patrick's and a learning experience can happen. I am posting today and hopefully will figure out how to share. I do believe you can click on the image and click save, it will be a jpg. When it opened and I clicked print I chose 8x10 and it fit on page correctly. Let me know if you use the image I would like to see how you would display it and if the image does/doesn't work.

I would like to thank the ladies at Someday Crafts for sharing their tutorial on making subway art, with pictures and text for explanation.  This tutorial helped me.

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