Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hair Flowers w/link to tutorials

I have been wanting to make flowers and other accessories for my daughter's hair.  She is quite ruff with the headbands and clips I have bought and I like to have an ample supply of hair accessories.  My preschooler K is not fond of having her hair combed, actually I have to chase her around the house just to spray some water on her hair and try to fluff it.  It is amazing how a headband or barrette  takes her look from, looks like she needs her hair done to an amazing curly afro. With school starting back up I finally have sat down and made some flowers that I am either attaching to a headband or barrettes.
Giving credit where it belongs, there are many tutorials on how to make the flowers but these are the blogs I went to when I sat down to make mine.
Bridget at Everyday Chaos , check her tutorial out, is admittedly 
addicted to making the tattered roses. 

I used scrap fabric from JoAnn's and it truly was a lot easier than I thought it would be. 

I don't know i f you have heard of Skip to my Lou , but you are missing out if you have
not stopped by the blog.  I got this flower from her list of 10 flower tutorials, this 
particular flower was being showcased on the blog of Emily Rose from Simply Vintage Girl.  

I hope you enjoyed my flowers and will make some for a little one around you. It is so easy and inexpensive you will not look at hair accessories the same. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Almost Forgot

I must say, using Reader makes go through so many blogs easy, I have found a problem. I am not as well  trained as some bloggers who keep their post up daily or close to.  Because of being able to use this cheat I have not posted in almost a month although I have wanted to but kept putting off my writing one until I had to remember my blog and I could not. I did use a name close, exchanged imagination with creativity.  Well I have wasted enough time with my nonsense I should at least show something I have done this past month.
This is my beautiful Preschooler she is holding her gift to her teacher.  I was inspired by Ruthie @ septemberninth when she showcased her crayon wreath, you should go visit she is quite crafty.  I did a lot of goggling before I began, because as the blog name states I am anxious (about everything).  Anxiety is a major reason of why crafting is so hard for me.  
How I did it:
I bought a green wire wreath ring from Hobby Lobby for 2.99. 
I bought black ribbon from JoAnns for 2.00 to wrap around the ring because I did not want the ring to show between the crayons. I also picked up the yellow polka dot at the same time for 2.oo.
Crayons were bought for .40 and I used 3 1/2 boxes. I went true random or it would have driven me crazy trying to figure it out how to place them. 
The cricut was used for the glue, scissors, and the paper. I love the way the paper turned out, I used glitter pens for outlining the lines of paper . 
This is just a fun pose.