Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Blog hop

I plan to join the Memorial Day Blog hop over at
Bella Scrapbook Designs.
          "These cards will be donated to Bazzill Basics Paper who has agreed to help a little boy named
              Stephen in Arizona who would like to send 180,000 cards to the troops by July 1st. If you would 
              like to send some cards to Stephen to help him reach his goal, the link on where to send them is at 
              the bottom of this post"
I pray that you take the time to look over at this blog and help Stephen to reach his goal. Even if you don't have time to make a card this weekend, but have an extra Thank You card you could donate, I am sure it would be much appreciated.  

This day will be celebrated by people traveling to see family close and far, but for those who are serving in the military they are lucky if they will talk to their loved ones.  Ok, I am really trying to get better at this writing on a place where my words can be misunderstood, I had just wrote some to explain how important I think Memorial Day is and had to erase it because I did not want it misunderstood.  So with that said, I ask that we, including me, remember and act on the importance of the day, and do something for those who are at risk of being the center of next years Memorial Day. 

Thank GOD for those who serve, served and would have served if it was not for different abilities that did not allow their service.

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