Thursday, January 19, 2012

Goals, not a resolution

I had decided my goal this year would be to post more on my blog. I wanted to spend time doing the acts that had originally started me onto blogging. Good news is that I am working on those goals, problem is that I am ADD and start many projects therefore not being able to post about my work because I take forever to finish it or just does not get done. Example, I have wanted to paint my fireplace for years and well wasn't adventurous enough until this year. I painted the wall a deep red and the fireplace a pillar white. Sounds good, right, well I have the wall to the right painted, and the wall to the left, well, lets say it has been four days and I still haven't bought another can, not to mention, my hubby was doing the ceiling and it is still not finished and he has all his paint. Now, I am hoping to finish this project today so that I can post about it soon. Have a blessed day, and may your projects be more successful than mine are at this point.

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