Thursday, January 5, 2012

Have you heard of Tip Junkie

I wonder what I am doing sometimes with this whole blogging idea. I know, I am connecting with other people without having to find a babysitter, or get wonder about where to meet or all the other hassles of everyday life continues to throw at us.  So I love a blog/website that makes this a little easier for me, Tip Junkie is that site, a superstore or blogs. It covers so many crafty areas and is easy to search, important to me. I don't mind having ADD while on this site because she features about 10 items a day and I stick to those she features. Today was a jackpot day for me. There was a pre-k printable pack that I was viewing and it lead me to a site that has many printable packs, I was so overwhelmed that I decided to spend time tomorrow looking over the packs. I will discuss my findings in tomorrows post.

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